We are the band who tributes the Dylan that went on stage on July 25th of 1965 at Newport Folk Festival, New York. When everyone expected the songwriter with his acoustic guitar Dylan started his show with a Fender Stratocaster and a Rock’n’roll Band, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The audience was disappointed and screamed at the Artist but all musicians on stage turned their amplifiers volume up at a Dylan’s sign….

Since then and althought more than one generation considers him to be the maximum 60s counterculture icon, Dylan has built up a musical and lyrical career far from main trends and leaderships. We dedicate an intense and especially electric show to this brilliant and controversial artist.

Jokermen is composed by five experienced musicians: Alberto Dumall, six and twelve string electric and acustic guitars, harp and vocals, Manel Miquel, lap Steel guitar, electric guitar and backing vocals, Ricard Moya, keyboards, ukulele and backing vocals, J. Bassman bass and speeches and Hug Salvat, drums and backing vocals.

All songs search for this “wild mercury sound, metalic and golden, whatever that means” in Dylan’s words. This particular sound is the starting point to create the arrangements and to produce a show aimed to seduce the fans of the bard from Minessota as well as people who only looks for a good Rock’n’roll night. As Dylan said “if someone wants to hear the songs as they were recorded, please stay at home listening to the records”.

Finally between the songs there are commented references to his work: Why not to speak about life, death, God and the Devil according to Robert Allen Zimmerman.

“My songs sound always better live than on the records. Why? I don’t know, but that’s how it is”